Protect your assets from cyber threats

The CybelAngel threat-alerting SaaS platform identifies data leaks and specific threats before they wreak havoc.


Comprehensive and continuous sweeping of the entire internet

Because exposed data can be located anywhere, the only way to miss nothing is to look everywhere. CybelAngel continuously looks for exposed data, in the most remote but also the most visible places of the internet. The recurring and frequent sweeping enabled by automation identifies content even if it is only available for brief periods.

  • Crawling web sites

    High frequency
    crawling of web sites

    CybelAngel maps the entire web - the Clear Web, the Deep Web with its sharing spaces, and the anonymized Dark Web. Every few seconds, billions of URLs are examined in order to notify you as soon as your data appears somewhere it shouldn't.

  • connected_devices

    Connected device

    Any network-connected device with storage or a database engine is a place where confidential data can be stored - purposefully or inadvertently. CybelAngel scans connected storage and databases on any IP of the entire internet to detect your unprotected files and data.

  • anonymous_dns

    Anonymous DNS request

    By monitoring requests on Domain Name Servers, CybelAngel instantly identifies sites that are not who they pretend to be (cyber impersonation) as well as compromised DNS names. Monitoring DNS requests also enables CybelAngel to expand and update its map of sites and devices to scan.

Threat Engine powered by Artificial Intelligence

Through continuous and comprehensive sweeping of the entire internet, CybelAngel collects vast amounts of data that must be processed and analyzed to identify critical needles in a humongous field of haystacks.

  • actionable_threat.png

    From raw data to actionable threat information

    • Artificial Intelligence filters the raw collected data and associated metadata for relevant information based on customer-specific keyword matching.
    • External and historical data sources and domain expertise are applied to the matching algorithms to reduce signal-to-noise ratio and avoid false positives.
    • An automated scoring of risks by severity level and tagging of threats by category provides ranking of alerts by priority and allows to keep a focus on the most important threats first.

Real-time threat notification

  • When a threat is detected by the AI-powered threat detection engine, you will instantly receive an alert through multiple customizable channels:

    • A secure web interface.
    • Email, message or SMS notification.
    • Secure API calls, enabling integration to third-party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms or other event/alerting systems.

    The CybelAngel secure web console provides source and context data and metadata collected through internet sweeping as well as relevant historical information to facilitate investigation by security analysts.


Expert analysis

As soon as a real-time alert is sent to the customer, CybelAngel's expert security analysts begin performing an in-depth investigation of incidents. Deeply familiar with the customer context, analysts give you further context by applying their knowledge of the business risk, a cumulative expertise of the attacker's ecosystem, peers and commonly used tools.

  • path_SRuihu2.png

    Clear path through remediation

    • Self-contained, comprehensive reports with full documentation of threat
    • Attribution of threats to their full source provenance & vector
    • Actionable reports, visual and easy to understand with screen captures, most relevant docs, etc.
    • Reports can be used for both horizontal and hierarchical escalation

Reporting and tracking

The secure CybelAngel web console gives you a unified view of all detected threats, subsequent investigations and interactions with security analysts, as well as incident response and resolution.

  • Complete visibility over incident lifecycle as well as historical reports are available at the fingertips of security experts and company executives alike who can easily evaluate the level of exposure of their organization, the efficiency of remediation procedures and their evolution over time.

  • secure_web

    Secure web
    interface & APIs

    Tracking of incidents and their remediation is performed through a state-of-the-art web console but also through a comprehensive set of RESTful APIs for easy integration with any process or system.

  • collaboration

    Collaboration and
    progress tracking

    Incident resolution is always a collaborative effort, oftentimes spanning the boundaries of the organization and involving partners, customers, providers. CybelAngel powers this collaboration and tracks progress.

  • real_time

    ITSM integration

    Cyber security is only one piece of the overall IT puzzle. CybelAngel integrates natively with IT Service Management systems to ensure that cyber threats are handled in the broad context of IT service continuity.

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