We offer a service of data leaks detection on the Internet.

We monitor the Dark Web and the Internet of Things to identify threats that could affect our customers.

We identify, in real time, new risks on the hidden parts of the Web that target large companies. Every day, we detect sensitive data available on the Internet that are left without any protection such as email passwords, credit cards, confidential documents, etc.


We have automated the entire information search process. This allows us to monitor a large number of sources at an extremely high frequency.

When a risk is identified, we perform an extensive human analysis to to complement the information that was detected. After proceeding to a complete elimination of false positives, we then alert our clients, providing them with a precise analysis of the existing risk so they can take the appropriate mitigation actions.


We offer a service that can be easily integrated to existing security solutions. The service is non-intrusive. Nothing needs to be installed on our customers’ IT infrastructure. It is based on a list of keywords that includes domain names, IP addresses as well as subsidiary, brand and product names.

When a risk is detected, we alert our customers via a secure web interface. This web interface makes it easy to manage threats effectively. A dashboard facilitates the monitoring of alerts over time, from the detection of threats to their resolution.

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