We offer a service of counterfeit detection on the Internet.

We identify the counterfeiters’ networks that harm our customers’ brand image.

We detect commercial websites, accounts on sales platforms and profiles on social networks that illegally sell counterfeit goods online.



Our technology is based on real-time information. We detect the channels used by counterfeiters as soon as they become active online.

Our algorithms allow us to establish links between thousands of websites that seem isolated but that actually belong to the same counterfeiter. We then map those malicious players in order to identify the networks that could potentially damage a brand’s identity.


We allow companies to identify counterfeiters. To do so, we create an “identity card” for each detected website. That card includes the information available online, such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses or bank details.

We help our customers prioritize the actions they must take in order to protect their brand, by providing them with a traffic indicator for each counterfeit website. We periodically send reports to enable our customers to monitor the traffic to those websites and to track the illegal websites that are shut down and the new ones that appear online.

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